Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 little things I hate about you.

  1. you're such a lazy guy. you don't study when tomorrow we having test. and I hate it.
  2. when I makes mistakes. you can easily gets mad. scold me. but when your frenz makes you angry, y you dun scold them? you just shut up and can easily get rid it.
  3. u always hates me when I makes you like you are not-very-important person to me. but u just dun notices that u always do the same things to me.
  4. I always trying my best to makes you feel easy and love me more, I'm trying my best to look the best in front of you, y you can't say "u looks pretty today" or when i dun tidy up, you said "u look mess, ur make up didnot look good".
  5. when I need a company, u always give me and excuses. I just need you to makes me feel better, to makes me laugh, makes me feel safe from my nightmare or maybe from my miserable.
what by gone, be by gone..
forgive me for my mistakes,
my words that makes you hurt,
my noty that makes u jeles,
me, myself and I is not-a-very-perfect-person.

TerimaKasih SuDi BacA

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