Tuesday, December 7, 2010

people said but i think

for some people will said: no man, no cry.
but for me: no man, life will be no exciting event.

for some people will said: no love, no heart broken.
but for me: no love, will be no new born. human will not exist.

for some people will said: she's cruel. she just dump that good guy.
but i will said: maybe that guy is just not good enough to her.

for some people will said: he's just good guy.
smart and will gonna be a good father to our children.
he must be very famous.
but i will think: not everything about him is perfect.
i'm gonna find his weak spot one day.

for some people will said: we must show to other people, we are good.
like don't have any sins at all.
but i will think: they are such a good drama queen in the universe.

this is the life that i'm facing rite now.
maybe i'm such a bustard bcoz always think bad about people around me.
but the more i'm trying to keep that away, the more it comes to me.
in my life, there's a lot of people like me.
and there's a lot and very much people who opposite from me.

the best part of my life is learning.
but when i'm tired with the learning, i'm gonna piss off everything.
push people away is always the best thing that i have always done.
i push people away from me.
bcoz i love them very much and a lot.
i don't want them to be hurt by me more and more.

bcoz im heartless, fragile and always a broken girl.

TerimaKasih SuDi BacA

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