Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boy, you're wrong when you...

LOVE is beautiful when you and I are working together to create a healthy relationship. But a lot of couple that didn't notice some mistakes they always made in their relationship.

I'm writing due to my analysis and my observation in my own experiences and my own friends.

Enjoy your reading !

Boy, you're wrong when you..

1. Said "I LOVE YOU because of Sympathy but when I'm knowing you now, I'm completely falling to you" to someone else (somebody that she doesn't like).

Every girls have their own pride and egos (just like boys). To be loved with a guy is a girls' dream and it sucks when the girl knows that her Mr.Right is not in love with her and he is suddenly becoming her Mr.Totally Wrong in a blinking of eyes! If you don't love her with your heart or what-so-ever, please don't make a lot of people think that we are just "syok sendiri". It's hurt!

2. Said "You make me lose myself, I can't focus on my study when you're with me. Let's break up!"

If you said like this, think again! Boys, before you make relationship with her, have you ever think about all the risks completely? Before make action, think 1st! Make sure no breaking heart okay? If you're making relationship just to break our heart, just forget it. Seriously!
Be professional, manage your time well. Don't blame us for your problems, girls don't like it. 

3. Both of you are arguing a lot recently. Then you give a solution by saying: "We need a break. I wanna a breakup with you. Not for long but just for awhile." 

If this happen, you better don't think about having her back. Some girls, they will said that you are a coward man because you're not facing the problems but you're running away. Face the music dude! A woman needs a soldier not a coward! If in the relationship you're keep running away when both of you facing misunderstanding, what will happen if both of you are already married? Are you gonna be the same?

4. Every girls have their own time of "fullmoon". Sometimes, boys just don't get it and sometimes boys always make our "fullmoon" as a key for them to make a joke when girls are mad and getting angry for sudden.

Please don't use it frequently because the truth about girls, they are always keeping quiet for all yours' faults but when they just can't handle it anymore, they will blow like a volcano. You will never expect it. Before you're pointing finger to your girlfriend, 1st try to point it to your face and ask yourself. If you can find the reasons, ask her politely. If both of you are really love each other, try and no regrets!

Thank you for your reading ^^,

TerimaKasih SuDi BacA

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